Our Story

Coming from different continents and completely different backgrounds the love for Vizslas brought us together. Very soon we found us sharing the same opinions and visions about the Vizsla breed in South Africa. Born as a crazy idea after enjoying a couple of glasses of wonderful South African wine all of a sudden the foundation of the Cerstinborough Kennel and import of our Sire Zsarnok became reality....

Amber & Kerstin


In August 2021 Amber came to South Africa from Germany together with me and my husband Bernard. Moving from a small village in Lower Saxony / Germany two Durbanville / South Africa was the beginning of a completely new chapter in our lifes.


Looking for new friends (2-legged as well as 4-legged ones) we got in touch with the Rainbow Hungarian Vizsla Club. On one of the clubs famous Vizsla fun-walks we met the clubs chairman Dr. Elmi Lötze and her dogs Tomo and Sumi. Elmi and Anita Erasmus (the clubs secretary) liked Amber instantly and asked immediately if I am considering to breed with her. As that was one of my long ongoing secret dreams the answer was:

"Yes, once we are fully settled".

The conversations following this statement showed quickly that humans and dogs understood each other well and shared the same opinions and visions not only about Vizslas...


So the idea of the Cerstinbourough Kennel was born and we started to plan our breeding.  Soon we realized:

Easier said than done, as the gene-pool of the Magyar Vizsla in South Africa, especially the Western Cape was limited.


Elmi introduced us to a few potential mating partners for Amber and found that the match was not as ideal as we would have liked it to be. So we started to joke:

It looks as of we have to import one for her...


Almost one year later the joke had turned into reality and Zsarnok was imported from Hungary by Elmi, Rossouw and me


Tomo, Sumi & Elmi


In real live Elmi is known as Dr. Elmi Lötze and working for many years at the faculty of agrisciences at Stellenbosch university.


But besides that Elmi is one of the iconic Vizsla persons in South Africa. Her exceptional passion and love for the Vizsla breed turned her into a dedicated hunter. So it is hard to get hold of Elmi during the hunting season is South Africa, as she prefers to spend the days out in the field  together with her husband Gustav and the two dogs Tomo and Sumi.


Both dogs love to do what they are bred for:


 - To go out hunting with their human partner -

Pointing and retrieving, whether on land or in water, is their passion


Elmi is not only the chairman of the only official South African Vizsla Club:


- Rainbow Hungarian Vizsla Club -


but also co-author of the book:


- Enjoying your Hungarian Vizsla -


She first published it in 2021 together with Anita Erasmus. The book summarizes Elmis and Anitas long time experiences with the Vizsla breed. It contains loads of highly valuable tips from buying a Vizsla to living, training, entertaining and breeding with a Vizsla. In addition you can find a lot of background information about the Vizsla breed in South Africa and in general.

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Zsarnok & Willa
Adele & Rossouw


Adele and Rossouw Swart, long time friends of Elmi, are living on a beautiful farm close to Swellendam. Vizslas have been part of the family for many, many years and Adele and Rossouw are experienced and successful Vizsla breeders themselves.


If you are looking around in the Western Cape Vizsla community it will not take long before you meet one of the dogs coming from Adele and Rossouw. The last puppies they kept from one of their litters are Willa and Mandy. Mandy is living with the parents of Adele and Rossouw. Willa is now 10 years old and enjoying her retirement on the farm. She gave birth to three litters and was a passionate hunting companion for Rossouw.


Although Willa is still fit and healthy she is not as active anymore as she was and Rossouw started to look for a new hunting partner.


When he spoke to Elmi about his desire, she managed to talk him into being part of the adventure to import a male Vizsla from Hungary.


That way Adele and Rossouw became part of the project and are giving Zsarnok a wonderful home on their farm in Swellendam.


He enjoys his new life on the farm, learning a lot from Willa and making nonsense with Lea, his Rhodesian Ridgeback companion and partner in crime.