Cerstinbouroghs Amber von Neuböddeken

Cerstinboroughs Amber von Neuböddeken
Amber on point

Ambers' story

Amber was born in Germany in November 2019. She came into our family after the death of our beloved first Vizsla Goliath. At that time we lived on a small farm / lifestyle estate between Hamburg and Hannover together with our horses and a cat. When Goliath passed away it became obvious in just a few weeks that life without a Vizsla wasn't possible anymore. But as we were missing him terribly we decided to look for a female Vizsla this time, to avoid comparing the two with each other. And with a bit of luck we found our little Amber, who at that time was nick-named La Terrorista. As small as she was, she was still a handful and could give us a hell of a time.... But with time and a bit of training she soon became the wonderful dog she is today. She spent the first 18month of her life on our farm in Germany and as soon as she was old enough used to accompany me and my horse when we rode through the surrounding forests. 


Unfortunately we were in the middle of Covid and that limited our training options massively. Although Amber is coming form a very successful and strong hunting line of Vizslas, she herself is unfortunately not trained as a gun-dog. The law in Germany demands that the handler of a gun-dog has to have a hunting license , to be allowed to train a gun dog. To get this license during Covid was basically impossible and training options for gun-dogs practically non-existent. So we had to find other ways and although she is not a fully trained gun-dog, she shows a great passion and desire for searching and retrieving on land and water.


In 2021 we decided to leave Germany and moved to the Western Cape of South Africa. My husbands daughter lived here already for along time and it was his greatest wish to spend his retirement days closer to her. And so in August 2021 Amber took the long flight from Frankfurt / Germany to Cape Town / South Africa. She adapted to her new surroundings and the climate quickly and very well and soon became a real South African dog, enjoying the warmth and avoiding the rain...

Cerstinboroughs  Vadásfai Zsarnok

Cestinbourough Vadásfai Zsarnok
Zsarnok on point

Zsarnoks' Story

Zsarnok was born in February 2021 in Hungary. He is coming from the well known Vadásfai kennel in Hungary, close to Budapest. He was supposed to stay in Hungary as a stud and only through some lucky coincidences and good old contacts from Elmi it became possible for us to put our hands on this dog. He spent the first 2 years of his life in Hungary where he was trained as a gun-dog and was shown on several national and international dog shows. He became national champion twice and even won the title of international beauty champion in Hungary and Slovenia.


In March 2023 Zsarnok went on his long journey from Budapest via Vienna to Cape Town. The translation of the name Zsarnok means Tyrann. So we were worried what to expect. But when he arrived here it showed that he hast the sweetest and most gentle nature you can imagine and his nickname Batyu, meaning "little bundle" would have been the far more suitable name for this lovable boy.


Zsarnok now enjoys his free life on a big farm close to Swellendam. He spends his time patrolling the land together with Rossouw or playing with his doggie-companions Willa and Lea. When time allows it Rossouw started to go hunting with Zsarnok, who has to learn about the new species in South Africa, but enjoys this new challenge deeply.


We started with the first matings in April 2023 and the first litter is to be expected in June 2023. More litters are planned for the rest of 2023.